Fast Cars & Great Wine

by winenews on Sep.20, 2009, under Articles, Travel

Do fast cars and Italian wine go well together?  You bet they do when the cars are the Formula1 racing machines at top speed on the Monza track, and the wines are Piemonte Barolos.  If you are a car and a wine fanatic you simply must see the Monza race and spend at least a week touring the Piemonte region of Italy.
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Gourmet Food in the Piemonte

by winenews on Sep.13, 2009, under Articles, Reviews, Travel

Welcome to “Da Felicin”

Felicin is a hotel and restaurant surrounded by the green of Langhe, whose history unfolds alongside the Rocca family history.  Three generations taking care of a way of life in which the relationship between man and land is essential, gives soul to a project of cooking as food culture.
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The Ferrari Museum

by winenews on Apr.23, 2009, under Articles, Travel

Wine, great food, and exotic cars all go together.  The pleasures of life come in many forms, so we decided to take in the Galleria Ferrari during a recent wine excursion to Italy.
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Tuscany in Winter

by winenews on Nov.22, 2008, under Travel

People tend to take vacations and visit the wine areas of the world in summer & fall. Here at WineNews we decided to tour the Tuscan countryside during the Christmas and New Years holiday season.  Our goal, besides gathering comments and opinions on the recent harvest, was to experience the holiday focus in Italy.  If you never considered a winter trip to Tuscany, you miss the chance of a much more up-close and truly personal visit. A winter trip versus a summer one offers several trade-offs.  On the plus side, the off-season has no crowds so driving the countryside is great.  In fact its possible to stop almost anywhere to capture that special photographic moment.  Local people are much more approachable and have time to chat, giving the opportunity to really learn about local culture and customs.  Even waiters, cooks, and property owners seem more friendly and willing to spend extra time with you.  And that amazing villa you’ve dreamed of renting is truly affordable.
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Wine in Hungary

by winenews on Sep.10, 2008, under Articles, Travel

Hungary has a long-standing history in wine production, dating back to the time of Romans and the Celts. Centuries of great migrations brought the Avar nation to central Europe. Although their ancient cultures has since been lost, the Hungarians who later migrated to the great planes of Central Europe adopted and preserved the wine making crafts of the Avars. Thus grape growing and wine production quickly spread amongst the medieval Hungarian cities. This process was further promoted by different privileges bestowed by the rulers of that time, who considered wine production improvements as an important part of their policy. Although the Tartar and the Turkish conquests of Hungary may have hampered this trend up until the 17th century, by the 18th century, Hungarian wine making flourished again reaching markets stretching from German speaking municipalities and the Netherlands to England. Over the years, ancient tradition merged with new local innovations coupled with the great variety of climate and soil, resulted in emergence of 22 distinct wine regions in the country.

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Wine in Solvenia

by winenews on Sep.10, 2008, under Travel

The Wine Areas of Slovenia

Slovenia lies on the southern slopes of the Alps and touches the Mediterranean. Although it may enjoy the benefits of “the best of both worlds,” Slovene viticulture is also at the mercy of unpredictable climate from both the north and the south. Consequently, the total annual output of Slovene vineyards may vary as much as 50%. There are extraordinary vintages and absolute failures, with a spectrum of “in-betweens.” There have been seven extraordinary vintages in this century: 1917, 1942, 1947, 1952, 1958, 1971, and 1983. The 1993 vintage is considered excellent in all areas, but the 1994 was only excellent in Primorje.  In general the 1995 vintage was generally poor to average.
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Wine in Croatia

by winenews on Sep.03, 2008, under Articles, Travel

Besides outstanding cuisine, which may surprise the first time visitor,   Croatia   produces some awesome wines that rival those of other European countries.  With influences by Roman and Venetian rule, as well as many other invading civilizations, the wines of   Croatia   exhibit depth and full body characteristics worth praising.  Typical grape varieties include zinfandel, primitivo, and other robust red grapes, that compliment the pasta dishes, fresh vegetables, herbs, and even truffles that grow in the  Istria  region.
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What is Everyday wine?

by winenews on Mar.11, 2008, under Articles, News, Reviews, Tips & Terms, Travel

Wine to enjoy every day without spending the high prices normally associated with collections. Since every person has their own palette,no expert opinion can define what that means.  If you like it, regardless of price, enjoy it!



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Creative Cuisine in Tuscany

by winenews on Nov.02, 2007, under Reviews, Travel

Castello del Trebbio was built as a fortress in the twelfth century for the Pazzi family. Its fame is due to the “Pazzi Conspiracy”, a plot organized by the Pazzi family in 1478 to kill their old enemies Giuliano and Lorenzo de’ Medici. In the fifteenth century ownership transferred to the Medici family who converted it into a villa. The current family purchased it in 1968 and have restored it respecting its history. The estate comprises about 60 hectares of grapes, 10.000 olive trees and native forest, a total of 350 hectares. A tour of the castle and the old wine cellars with wine and olive oil tasting is possible for groups with reservation.  Also part of the estate are apartments for rent by tourists. (continue reading…)

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Tuscany Wine Terms

by winenews on Jul.22, 2007, under Articles, Travel

Perhaps no region of the world personifies the warmth and graciousness of good food and great wine more completely than Tuscany. Its sunny slopes, medieval towns, and rich cultural history provide an irresistible setting for such inviting cuisine and wines.  Throughout its colorful history, Tuscany has been a land of important artists and scientists, talented and forward-thinking merchants, and powerful politicians. Its castles, culture, and natural wonders make it a unique and memorable destination for millions of tourists every year.
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